World Emoji Day

Emojis are a part of our daily conversation. Let’s celebrate 🎉🎉🎉 World Emoji Day with great enthusiasm. So welcome this day on 17th July 2021.

World Emoji Day
World Emoji Day


The easy way to join the celebration is to put the hashtag #WorldEmojiDay on social media with your treasured emoji🤓. For instance Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, etc.

World Emoji Day

Emojis became the main part of our conversation on social media.  People use them to make their conversation easier and less time is taken In addition they help to facilitate emotional sentiments, for example, happiness, sadness, cry, etc in plain text. Approximately there are over 3000 characters including eight categories.

  1. People and smileys😃
  2. Animal and nature🐻
  3. Food and drinks🍔
  4. Activity
  5. Travel and places🌇
  6. Objects💡 
  7. Symbols🔣
  8. Flags🎌

📅 Reminder, 17th July is the day of all emojis. The interesting fact about emojis is that about 900 million emojis are sent in social communication without any text every day.

World Emoji Day


Emoji Party🎉

Through an emoji party on World Emoji Day and invite your friends. Moreover, you can dress up as your favorite emoji. Decorate your home and rooms with an emojis theme using balloons and cards.. The most important part of any festival is the cake cutting ceremony. Bake an emoji cake and enjoy the day.

Dress up in a yellow costume and ask your buddy to wear a black dress and you will look like a twinning dancer emoji “👯‍♀️“.

World Emoji Day
World Emoji Day


Wear your favorite❤️ Emoji

Additionally, you may also wear your favorite emoji costume😍.

Conversation with the only emoji

One of the most interesting ways to add others is the celebration of World Emoji Day. Have chat with your dear ones by using emojis only. Surely you will enjoy this. Send these as a challenge to friends. Look how they will respond to the emojis streams.

World Emoji Day
World Emoji Day
Develop your own Emoji

You can create your own attention-grabbing emoji using online tools and different apps. Though use your favorite photos and turn them into captivating emojis.

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