Wishes Synonyms In English

To have a passion for (something, such as something difficult) wished he could existing his energy over. To provide a presentation as a wish: offer wishes them good night. Wishes Synonyms In English is here below.

1)I have never wished for strength.

desire, want, hope for, long for, yearn for, crave, hunger for, thirst for, lust after, covet, sigh for, pine for, dream of
aspire to, set one’s heart on, have as one’s aim, have as one’s goal, seek, be bent on
informal fancy, hanker after, have a yen for, the itch for
archaic be desirous of
rare desiderate

2)if you wish to exit a message, please talk behind the style.

want, desire, have an inclination, be inclined, feel inclined, feel like, care
choose, please, think fit

3) I wish you to mail them a message.

want, desire, require

4) I wished him goodbye.

desire, longing, hope, yearning, inclination, urge, whim, craving, hunger, thirst, lust
aspiration, aim, ambition, dream
informal fancy, hankering, yen, itch

5) she was disinclined to move against her parents’ wishes.

request, requirement, bidding, instruction, direction, demand, order, command
want desirewishes synonyms in english.


One continually wishes to confirm the exact seriousness of pieces of sap too little to swim a urinometer.
A manual of clinical diagnosis James Campbell todd. He is just listening to every technique, understanding just what impact he expects to make and how to do it. He is what the proboscis wishes to create for us, a traditional root doctor, and will work the location precisely. Wishes Synonyms are below this content.

Synonyms Of Wish In American English

WishResearch’wish’ in the lexicon(verb) in the of desire, Want, Aspire, Crave, Desire, Hanker, Hope, Long, Yearn,
(noun) in the definition of desire
Desire, Aspiration, Hope, Intention, Urge, Want,


SYNONYMS FOR wishes Compare Synonyms

attitude, character, decision, desire, determination, discipline, feeling in clinician, intention, mind pass, power resolution, resolve, wish appetite, conviction, craving, decisive


Synonyms Of Wish In American English

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