Hosanna in the Highest Meaning and Definition

What is “Hosanna in the highest meaning”  and definition…? When was the term “hosanna” used…? Why does hosanna hold stacks of significance in Christianity…? When and where was it chanted for the first time..?

“Hosanna” Meaning and Definition:

The story of the term “Hosanna in the highest” started on the day when Jesus came to Jerusalem. In the city of Jerusalem, hundreds of people were gathered to welcome the king and the savior of them. The prophet arrived in Jerusalem riding on the back of a donkey.

Hosanna in the highest is a phrase that has been used throughout history to express praise, joy, or thanksgiving. The word hosanna comes from the Hebrew word hoshiya, which means “save.” In the Bible, hosanna is often used as a cry for help or deliverance.

The phrase Hosanna in the highest is first found in the Bible in Matthew 21:9 when the crowds shouted it as Jesus entered Jerusalem. The phrase is also used in Mark 11:10 and John 12:13. In each of these instances, hosanna is used as a cry of praise or thanksgiving to Jesus.

Hosanna Meaning and Definition

The people gathered there gave a triumph welcome to the entry of the prophet into Jerusalem. Some of them spread their cloaks across the roadside of the city. To provide the holy prophet with a grand welcome, they cut down the branches of palm trees and spread them across the roads of Jerusalem.

Similarly, this is the reason that we call the day of arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem palm day or palm Sunday. On his entry, people started shouting to praise their king and the savior. Moreover, their shouts were:

“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heaven!”

Hosanna Meaning and Definition

Literal Meaning:

Hosanna is often translated as “Please Save Us”.  It originated from the Greek word “ὡσαννά”, which most scholars believe is the interruption of two Hebrew words. One is “Yasha” which means “to save or deliver” while the other is “anna” which means  “please, I beseech.” Some other scholars believe that its Hebrew roots come from a different verb tense of “Yasha” which means “to cause or to bring about salvation”. In this tense, hosanna becomes a command to bring about or cause salvation.

Hosanna Meaning and Definition

Furthermore, hosanna in the highest meaning and definition on Palm Sunday is to welcome their king and savior. Hosanna was used by the people as they realized that Jesus is the only savior for them the holy prophet of the god.

They shouted hosanna in terms of that they really recognized the prophet of the god. They also believed that Jesus is the only savior for them from the pandemics occurring to them.

Furthermore, hosanna’s meaning and definition are clear from the above article. Similarly, there are some contradictions regarding the use of the term. Some scholars analyze it as joy for the entry of Jesus into the city. While some analyze it as the people of that time who were begging for help from the holy prophet.

What is hosanna meaning…? When was the term hosanna used…?

The difference between hosanna and hallelujah is hosanna is used in the Old Testament and hallelujah is from the New Testament. Hosanna means “save us” or “deliver us” and hallelujah means “praise the Lord.”

Moreover, the hosanna meaning and definition changed from that time. As it is now used to praise the prophet “Jesus” for his triumphant entry into Jerusalem. In addition to this people celebrate the day of entry of Jesus to the city on Palm Sunday by cheering the name “Hosanna”.


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