Happy Father’s Day Weekend

Happy Father’s day weekend to all the dads in the world. Father’s day is almost there so be ready to celebrate it with full enthusiasm because this is just one day when you do something special for your dad but he does it every day. We love our fathers however we don’t express our love in front of them. Father’s day is the right time to say this. If you are shy and can’t say that you love him then you can share your feelings by writing a card for him along with a gift.

Happy Fathers Day weekend

Why Do We Celebrate Father’s Day On Weekend?

Father is a very influential figure in every child’s life. Who provides shelter, food, education and much more to his children. This day is to honour dads who play the essential role of father Hood. On this day we say thanks to our beloved fathers and grandfathers and the people who are like fathers to us for all the sacrifices that they did for the sake of our happiness. Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all fathers in the world.

Why Do We Celebrate Father's Day?


When Is Fathers Day In 2022?

As June comes near. Everybody starts preparing for Father’s Day. But, do you know when is Father’s day in 2022? I have the answer to this question. Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all dads of the entire world. Father’s day comes on the third Sunday of June every year. This year it is on 19 June 2022.

Why Is Fathers Day Celebrated On The Third Sunday Of June?

The reason behind celebrating Father’s Day is to honouring fathers who struggle throughout their lives for their children. It is the day to celebrate the fatherhood and paternal bonds between Father and children to share the love and care for them. It was proposed by Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington in 1909.
In 1909 she was listening to a mothers day sermon and the idea came into her mind that fathers should also be honoured as well. Her Father named William smart had raised six children alone. She proposed to celebrate fathers day on 5th June with the Spokane ministerial association and YMCA. 5th June was the Birthday of her Father. The first celebration of this day was in Spokane on 19 June 1910 and became an annual event there.
Initially, this day did not get much success. In 1913 first bill was introduced in Congress to make this day a national holiday. It did not pass. But in 1972, President Richard Nixon signed a law and declare Father’s Day a National holiday. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. This year this day will be celebrated on 19 June 2022.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas On Weekend

Whenever Father’s day comes near it brings a question with it and that is. What to gift father on this day? So I am going to share many gift ideas that will help you in choosing a gift for your Father.
The best gift for anybody is love and care for sure but you also want to give something as a gift that will always be remembered.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day card

I know it’s an old idea but still an effective way to speak about the things that you have hidden in your heart. Give your dad a card. Express love with the help of words. Your dad will love it.


Give your dad a personalized wallet this father’s day. Whenever he will open it he will remember you. Place your one passport-size picture in it then it will be more special for your dad.

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is a fashion as well as a need of the time. Select a classic wristwatch for your dad and then wrap it in a gift paper and give it to him. He will be very happy to see it.


Collect some pictures that are interesting or funny and make a big collage and then pack it with a gift paper and give it to your dad. He might start crying after seeing it. Because you reminded many memories with this gift.


A T-shirt is a good selection for the gift because every time he wears it. It will remind him of you. Choose a T-Shirt of his favourite colour and wrap it with a glittered gift sheet. It will make his day memorable.


If your dad loves shoes but can’t buy many shoes of his choice then you can gift him a pair on this special day. Shoes enhance the look of the person who is wearing them. So make sure you buy branded shoes for your dad that suit his personality.


It is common nowadays to print the name of the person or the picture on the mug. You can print the name of your father on the mug or you can simply write love you dad, you are the best pa etc. You can also print his picture on the mug. It will also make him delighted.

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