Funny Fathers Day Captions For Instagram

Do you need any ideas for Funny Fathers Day Captions for Instagram? I have a solution. Read till last to get funny captions of Fathers day for Instagram. Fathers day is almost there. We’ll celebrate it on the third Sunday of 19 June 2022 this year. We often use emotional and full of sentiments words and quotes to wish our dads on fathers day.

But this year why not do something different? Like, wish him to wish some funny captions on Instagram. Nowadays everybody surfs Social media accounts to stay updated about happenings in the world and to connect with their friends and family every time. On this Fathers day posts a pic or a funny picture of your dad on Instagram along with a funny caption to make it laugh out loud. If you are worried about what should be a caption then read till last to pick the best caption for your dad.

Funny Father's Day Captions For Instagram

Funny Captions For Dad

You are my favorite, but please don’t tell mom what I have just said to you.

I love you dad more than mom.

Thanks for your genes I am beautiful because of them.

Thanks for permitting me every time mom says “no”.

Dear dad, do you believe that angels exist? Just look at me don’t I look like an angel to you.

You have constantly believed me even when I tell a lie. Belated sorry.

No one knows me as you do. Also, You always know what’s going on inside my heart. You seem to be a magician to me.

You have some secrets of mine. Please don’t ever tell mom about that.

Mom is not that dangerous. Please stop being afraid of her.

When I was a kid I used to think that my dad is a superhero who can do anything. But now I realized you are more than that. Ah! It’s a bit emotional but please don’t cry.I always think that I am smarter than you and you every time prove it wrong.

My lovely dad, you think that I love my cell phone more than you. But it’s not true. I love you more.

My dad will always have a special place in my heart along with pizza.

Whenever I did something wrong. I knew my father will fix it.

I don’t have enough money to take you for dinner. But I can dedicate this Instagram post to you. I have inherited all my dad’s habits whether they are good or bad.

Your hair turned grey and my hair is black but still, we love each other as we do at my birth.

Dear dad I am the reason behind you celebrating this day without me you wouldn’t.
Thanks for killing all the cockroaches and lizards. You know I am afraid of them. I love you more than my husband.

Funny Captions For Father

Happy Fathers Day From Your Favorite Child On Earth

Although I made many mistakes in life. still, you encourage me to do more. I love you, you love me and we share a happy family. Show your Father lots of love with these funny fathers day captions for Instagram. Make his day special to make his year special.

Father’s always want to see us optimistic, maturing, and growing. To make us happy they can do anything. He also deserves to be happy. So give your dad the best gift and along with that treat him with an Instagram post. Posting a throwback picture with a funny caption is a perfect idea.

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