Baby Shower Invitation Sayings | Baby shower for Girls

If you are welcoming soon a baby into the house then you must be thinking about Baby shower Invitation sayings ideas. Because it becomes an event now to celebrate a baby shower with friends and family. For this, you have to write Shower Invitations which must be simple as well as attractive. Although it seems hard to decide what to write on invitations but below are the steps to help in choosing words to write. Whether you are organising this party for yourself or organising it for someone special you need the best invitation wording ideas that everyone loves. You can add things like poems or words that show love for a baby.

The wording you use for the baby showers invitation must be short but it also includes details about when, where and how you are celebrating this day. You can also include sweet words and phrases. You have to include information on the invitation like the name of the parents for whom you are organising this day or if you are the parents then add your name, date, time and venue of this day and RSVP details.

Baby Shower Invitation Sayings

Types Of Baby Showers

There are different types of baby showers. Choose words for the invitation according to your Baby Shower type. Below are some types of baby Showers.
Traditional Baby Showers
Coed Baby Showers
Gender Reveal
Sip and see
Adoption Shower
Religious Shower

Traditional Baby Shower

The traditional baby shower is the one in which only women are allowed to come. No men are allowed. The guests and the host both are females. It is because some people find it inappropriate to celebrate this day in the presence of men.
Coed Baby Shower
Unlike traditional, this type of baby shower is more modern because in this celebration men and women both are allowed to come and also both parents enjoy this day together.
Gender Reveal
In this type of baby shower, Neither the guests nor the parents know about the gender of the baby who is about to be born. So gender is revealed at some point in the party and that is the main moment and focus of this party. I am sure this will be the happiest moment of that day.
This baby shower is not for the first baby. This type of baby showers means it is the second or third means, not-first born baby for whom they are inviting everyone.
Sip and See
Sip and See is the type which is celebrated after the birth of the baby. So the guest comes especially to see the baby and shower their love for him/her.
Adoption Shower
This celebration is for the parents who have adopted a child and then they organise a party to welcome that baby into the family. People celebrate this day to introduce their new child to the family and the family to the new child.
Religious Shower
A religious shower means that people come and pray together for the baby and the family according to their religion along with enjoying food. Baby Shower Invitation Sayings for girls are given below.

Baby shower for Girls

Whether it is a girl or a boy parents love both children with equal hearts. If the parents to be soon welcome a baby girl then these baby shower invitation ideas are for them
Let’s make it a day to remember(both parents’ names) with a princess to come.
I am going to be a mom of a little sweet girl.
Join us to celebrate baby showers in honour of (Mother’s name).
(Mom’s name) is a queen who is welcoming a princess soon.
A doll is on her way to enlighten our family.

Baby shower for Girls

Baby Shower For Boys

Boys are the one who provides security to their families and welcoming a baby boy into the family is also an honour. Use these examples to invite your guests to a baby shower
Oh my God! I am blessed with a baby boy.
We are celebrating the arrival of our little man. Come to celebrate this day with us.
Please wear blue for you know who!
We are going to be parents of a boy. Help us celebrate!
He is just coming our way. Don’t forget to come to welcome him.

Baby Shower For Boys

Baby shower For Twins

Double trouble! Come join us for a celebration in honour of (parents’ names) who are welcoming twins soon.
We are more than lucky that we are becoming parents of two children instead of one.
We are celebrating a baby shower in honour of twin parents (parents’ name).
Also, We are going to meet our two little angels soon.
Join us to celebrate and shower your love on the parents of twins. The people who are going to be parents soon must be worried about baby shower invitation sayings. It is a tricky question of what to write on the invitation cards so that people find it sweet. And also RSVP soon. So choose words from the above examples to make it simple and effective. Baby showers are just about showing love to the parents-to-be and giving them the best wishes for life with their children.

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