Valentines Week List 2022 – Valentine’s 7 Days Schedule

The day of valentine is celebrated on 14 February but the celebration of the day starts in the second week of February. People that are in love show their affections to their loved ones on this special day. There is only one happiness in this life to love and be loved. At this event, lovers show their love to each other by giving gifts, letters, and chocolates. This day is celebrated in many countries of the world especially in Europe. When you give a surprise to your loved ones on a particular day they feel that they are special to you. Festivities start from 7th February. This week has unique importance for youngsters. Each day of the week is a special sign for lovers. The love week comprises of following days

valentine day list 2022

  1. 1st Day is “Rose Day” 7th February 2022
  2. 2nd Day is “Purpose Day”8th February 2022
  3. 3rdDay is “Chocolate Day”9th February 2022
  4. 4th Day is “Teddy Day”10th February 2022
  5. 5th Day is “Promise Day” 11th February 2022
  6. 6th Day is “Hug Day” 12th February 2022
  7. 7th Day is “kiss Day” 13th February 2022
  8. The final Day is “Valentines Day”14th February 2022

Rose Day 2022 – February 7th

The first day of the week is Rose Day that is 7th February. Red roses are a sign of love. Different colors of roses show unique meanings. Basically, a red rose is used on this Day. It shows an intense feeling of love. Love and a red rose can not be hidden. Rose Day set a scenario for purposely. The red rose represents your passion, energy, courage, warmth, and attraction. Lovers show their sentiments by sending red roses.

happy rose day

Propose Day 2022 – February 8th

The next day that is 8th of February is Purpose Day. On this day lovers are free to purpose their special ones. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Go forward and open your heart in front of them tell about your feelings by giving love letters, specific cards, or rings.

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Chocolate Day 2022 – February 9th

The 3rd one is Chocolate Day celebrated on 9th February. “Chocolate is happiness that you can eat”. Lovers express their love by sending Chocolates. Girls are crazy for chocolates. You can give special heart-shaped chocolate to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend. It is a sign of your love.

Teddy Day 2022 – February 10th

Teddy Day is celebrated on 10th February. Teddies are adorable gifts to be given to your beloved person girl’s bedroom without a teddy is just like a face without a smile. Many Girls keep small size teddies in their rooms. Teddies can be cuddled when people miss their special ones. They assume teddies as their favorite person. So give a beautiful teddy to your Dream Girl on this day and tell her how special she is.

Promise day 2022 – February 11th

The fifth one is Promise Day which is celebrated on 11 February. Lovers wait a whole year for this Day. They make promises to their beloved person to never leave them in any situation. Their love increases day by day. Love is a lifetime commitment that is applicable in every condition. So they should never break promises that you make with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Promise to never let them alone in this world. And to give them strength when they are weak. They promise to cherish them in every tough situation.

Hug day 2022 – February 12th

  This Day is celebrated two days before the main event on 12th February. This day provides lovers a chance to show their warmth and love by a tight hug. Youngsters are very excited about this day. They make special plans for this day. A hug is not more than an expression of affection toward the most important person in your life. A hug is a hearty handshake from hand. It might be a simple gesture but it feels amazing. To celebrate this day with the passion of love.

Kiss day 2022 – February 13th

The Next Day is a kiss Day that is held on 13th February. kissing is a merging of two lips two souls, two spirits, and make them divine. The decision to kiss for the first time is the most crucial in every love story. It changes the relationship between two people much strongly. The one thing that is better than a kiss is the moment right before he looks into your eyes and leaves you breathless. So try to make this event more memorable with warmth, love, and passion.

Valentine’s day 2022 – February 14th

The big day arrives on14thFebruary which is the main day. The people that are in love wait for this day a whole year so, that they can express their love to someone special. On this day people make special plans, they go for a candlelight dinner, watch a romantic movie and go on a long drive with their beloved person. Everyone wishes to make valentine’s day memorable so their partner remembers this beautiful day in their whole life. You can visit Valentine’s Day Dress Code 2022 – Lovers Day Dress Code 2022 With Different Colours.

A famous saying is “Don’t wait until it too late to tell someone how special they are, how much you love them, how much you care about them because when they are gone no matter how loud you shout and cry, they will never return to hear your voice”. So Always reveal your love to the most beloved person on time. Put efforts whole heartily to make this day beautiful, memorable and wonderful. Say these beautiful words to your loved one” Love you yesterday, love you still, always have, Always will.

Is it happy Valentines or Valentine’s?

Your flaws are perfect for the heart that’s meant to love you. Love is the most beautiful emotion that one can feel. So this week provides s beautiful way in which you express your unspoken feelings to the person that means the world to you. Try to celebrate all days of the week in a unique way to make your loved one surprised. Write a handwritten note to show how much this person means to you. These small efforts put beauty and charm in relation. Make all possible efforts to let your beloved ones feel how special they are for you. 

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