Coronavirus (COVID-19) / How To Protect Our Self’s

Coronavirus is started from the china and it’s now reached many countries. And many film stars or Hollywood actress is affected from this virus.


It’s very bad for the world its cover the china, Iran, and American states also. It’s very dangerous because we don’t have medicine which provide us complete cure.



But don’t be scared because it’s not very serious for all only 3% is danger for you. But if you have low immunity for the fighting with jams then it’s very bad for you. Only 3 persons are in danger from the 10 people which affected from this virus.


We always talk about the event this post is only for the information and knowledge about the coronavirus is awareness and live blessed.


How to protect our self’s from the virus?

Can’t shake hands with any one

Use mask because it’s can’t not pass the mask

Stay at home

Wash your hand time by time

Use sanitize because it’s live on your hands only 10 minutes

Gathering of many people is also danger avoid all strictly

Coronavirus is very important issue but don’t be scared from the anything we share with you some images which show the conditions of the country.

This post is only introduction we share with all about the new information in other words update you on daily basis.


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