Chicago Columbus Day Parade 2020 Best Route For You

Chicago Columbus Day parade 2020 is settled on October 12 2020 also this is the best part of the Columbus Day. This is sponsored by the joint committee of Italian Americans in Chicago.  Is trade has over 150 units, loads and marches. The entire city is invited to join the parade. The Chicago is the most famous state of United States of America.

Chicago Columbus Day parade route

Furthermore on this Columbus Day 2020 all entire city of the Chicago state have a chance to participate the most important part of the Columbus Day the parade. Never miss the chance to participate in the parade, or spend the time with your whole family e n parade show the love about your country culture and history of your country.

Chicago Columbus Day Parade 2020 Route

If you are outsider and come Chicago for a parade then spent maximum three days or minimum three days in Chicago, because this is the best event of the Chicago. People walk with each other on the road in parade different groups of people show the culture of Americans Nation.

Chicago Columbus Day parade route

All the people walking in parade with some pattern like step by step. The scene is very attractive off parade as you can see in images or pictures which we share with you on our page. Chicago Columbus Day parade is very famous in all the states of the United State America.

Also we are not going to miss the chance to celebrate the Columbus Day in Chicago parade on this year 2020 hours days minimum 3 days. All is set all the fans are ready to enjoy the best moment of the parade of Chicago city on 12th October.

(The process starts at 12:30 p.m. Parade start at Wacker drive and ending at Van Buren Street)

Chicago Columbus Day parade route

Moreover all the people are very happy to join the  parade  and activities of the parade.  Kids are also enjoying the moment and familiar with the history of The United States of America, and Standard Time qualitative and quantitative on the road of the Chicago city. Balloons which color with the national flag I gripped everyone in hands to show the love with country E with Homeland.

Chicago Columbus Day parade route

Chicago Columbus Day parade route   Chicago Columbus Day parade route



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